Graphic Novels

Dive into a new book! Solve a few mysteries with some curious dinosaur detectives, or jump into action with the Superstars!

Ghost Sounds

The Slime Attack

The Missing Trumpet

The Beach Bandit

The Haunted House

The Mystery Coins

The Crazy Clues

The Surprise Prize

There's No Crying in Baseball

I've Got the No-Skateboard Blues

Beach Volleyball Is No Joke


Enter the land of myths and mystery! For thousands of years, stories have been told that explain the world and all of its secrets. Anita's Short Tales Myths titles explore famous Chinese and Indigenous tales!

Dragon, the Phoenix, and the Beautiful Pearl

A Chinese Dragon Spirit Myth

Jade Emperor

A Chinese Zodiac Myth

The Monkey King

A Chinese Monkey Spirit Myth

Pangu Separates the Sky from the Earth

A Chinese Creation Myth

Nu Gua Mends the Sky

A Chinese Flood Myth

Yu the Great Conquers the Flood

A Chinese Nature Myth

The Warrior Twins

A Navajo Hero Myth

Stolen Fire

A Seminole Trickster Myth

How the World Was Made

A Cherokee Creation Myth

Colours of a Sunset

An Algonquin Nature Myth

Coyote, Iktome, and the Rock

A Sioux Trickster Myth

Sky Woman and the Big Turtle

An Iroquois Creation Myth

Anita Yasuda has written many books for children. 

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